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How to get Goblin Points x500

You receive 4 GP per minute if your account is online
Goblin Points From Monsters
Name Goblin points ammount Location
Ice Queen 100 Devias
Red Balrog 100 Losttower
Hydra 100 Atlans
Red Dragon 200 Devias (Invasion)
Zaikan 300 Tarkan (Invasion)
Metal Balrog 300 Icarus (Invasion)
Cursed Monster 400 Acheron Invasion
Sylphid 600 Niexies Lake (Invasion)
Hellraiser 600 Swamp Of Darkness (Invasion)
Abyss of Atlans Elites 1500 Abyss of Atlans
Scorched Canyon Elites 1500 Scorched Canyon
Moon Rabbit 100 Multiple Maps
Gold Rabbit 100 Kubera Gold Rush
Pouch of Blessing 100 Multiple Maps
Fire Flame Ghost 100 Multiple Maps
Titans Anger 300 Scroll Drop
Tantalos Punishment 600 Scroll Drop
Erohims Nightmare 800 Scroll Drop
Hell Maines Insanity 1000 Scroll Drop
Kunduns Greed 3000 Scroll Drop
Goblin Points From Mini Bosses
Name Goblin points ammount Location
Illusion of Kundun 2500 Kalima 6
Gorgon / Dungeon 100 Deep Dungeon 5
Sapi Queen 100 Swamp of Calmness
Dark Elf 1000 Crywolf
GP from Bosses
Name Goblin points ammount Location
Kundun 7000 Kalima 7
Medusa 8000 Swamp of Calmness
Nightmare 7000 Kanturu
Lord Silvester 8000 Uruk Mountain
Core Magriffy 7000 Nars
Selupan 8000 Raklion Hatchery
Erohim 7000 Castle Deep
Lord of Ferea 8000 Ferea
Balgass 500 Wcoin Crywolf
Nix 10000 Nixies Lake
Deep Dungeon Gorgon 10000 Deep Dungeon 5
God of Darkness 10000 Swamp of Darkness
GP from Events
Name Goblin points ammount Location
Blood Castle Gate 200 BC 1-7
Blood Castle Statue 300 BC 1-7
Devil Square Monkeys (Green) 5 DS 1-2
Devil Square Monkeys (White) 25 DS 3
Devil Square Monkeys (Purple) 50 DS 4-5
Devil Square Monkeys (Red) 60 DS 6-7
GP for Event winners:
Full description available in the Full drop list guide
Blood Caslte
Chaos Castle
Acheron Guardian
Bomb Game
Firecracker will give you 1000 Goblin points when you drop them on the floor.
You have also 50% chance to get another Firecracker while dropping.

Posted22 / 12 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.