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Available Excellent Options

On paragon Mu, we have removed excellent Options that do not benefit Reset servers to give players more value from items
Possible Excellent Options
Armors and Rings
Excellent Options
Increase Max Life 4%
Decrease Damage 6%
Reflect Damage 5%
Increase Zen 30%
Decrease Damage 20 - 200 Damage (flat)
Increase Max Life 20 - 200 (flat)
Weapons and Pendants
Excellent Options
Increase Excellent Damage Chance by 10%
Increase 7 Attack (Wizardry) speed
ATK / WIZ Dmg Increases by 1 every 20 lv
ATK / WIZ Dmg Increases by 1-2 every 20 lv
Increased by ATK / WIZ Dmg 20-80
ATK / WIZ Damage Increased by 2%
Removed Options:
Obtains (Life/%d) when monster is killed
Obtains (Mana/%d) when monster is killed
Increase Maximum Mana by 4%
Increases Defense Success Rate by 10%
Increase Maximum Mana by 3%

Posted12 / 11 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.