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Events, Invasions, Boss Timers x500

Name First__Last (per day) Interval Commentary
Blood Castle 00:00__23:00 1h 24 times per day
Devil Square 00:30__23:30 1h 24 times per day
Chaos Castle 02:50__04:50 2h 12 times per day
Doppleganger 01:20__23:20 2h 12 times per day
Happy Hour 00:00__06:00__12:00__18:00 6h 4 times per day
Last Man Standing 01:15__07:15__13:15__19:15 6h 4 times per day
Golden Invasion 04:53__10:53__16:53__22:53 6h 4 per day
Red Dragon 06:23__14:23__22:23 8h 3 per day
Ice Queens 03:09__11:09__19:09 8h 3 per day
Red Balrogs 06:18__14:18__22:18 8h 3 per day
Hydras 00:48__08:48__16:48 8h 3 per day
Cursed Monsters 03:53__11:53__19:53 8h 3 per day
MUUN Invasion 11:11__23:11 12h 2 times per day
White Wizzard 05:30__17:30 12h 2 times per day
Golden Scroll Invasion 8:16__20:16 12h 2 times per day
Kubera Golden Rush 3:13__14:13__21:13 8h 3 times per day
Metal Balrog Invasion 21.17 24h 1 per day
Zaikan Invasion 9.17 24h 1 per day
Nixies Lake Invasion 8.12__20:12 12h 2 per day
Darkness Invasion 2.12__14:12 12h 2 per day
PK Obelisk Event Monday 21:00 and Friday 9:00 84h 2 times per week
Arca War Wenesday 17:00 and Saturday 17:00 84h 2 times per week
Castle Siege Sunday 16.00 168h 1 time per week
Acheron protector Wenesday, Friday, Sunday - 19:40 3 times per week
Crywolf battle Tue - 18:40, Thu - 11:40, Sat - 22:40 3 times per week
Name spawn
Kundun Illusion Random change per day
Golden Monsters 6h
Nightmare 24h
Kundun Random change per day
Erohim 24h
Medusa Random change per day
Selupan 12h
Lord Silvester 24
Lord of Ferea 20h to 24h
Core Magriffy 24h
Baglass (Crywolf Boss) 48h
Deep Gorgon 24h
Nix 18h to 24h
God of Darkness 20h to 24h
*Golden text means fixed time

Posted22 / 12 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.