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Update to S17EP2

Hello Everyone!

We will be updating x500 Server to EP2 today. Server will not be available for at least 30minutes. Please be aware that itemization, harmony options, excellent options and player settings are different on both servers therefore PvP Balance will be whole different and not apply anymore. PvP Balance patch on x500 will be placed next week once x50 release is stable. That is why please DO NOT compare classes based on x500 server as the result is whole different. We are currently uploading a new video showing all class damage in the new Episode with Full Manticore Gear so that everyone will have a good preview. Timer is placed on the website.

You need to download a new client after this maintenance in order to play

Our installer will automatically delete the old version and install new one upon launch. 

Best Regards,
Paragon Network

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Currently this is only one server.