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* Opening Time: 16:00 (UTC Time)  10th DECEMBER 2022!


(UTC+02:00) Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb - 18.00 
(UTC+03:00) Moscow - 19.00
(UTC+07:00) Vietnam - 23:00
(UTC+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi - 24:00

Check count-back timer on top of website!

✔️ Donation are ON but our Xshop is limited and there is NO WEBSHOP

✔️  Built-in Antilag - Press SHIFT+1 (+2,+3,+4,+5,+6,+7,+8,+9+0 to change options)

✔️ /offlevel and /offtrade available

✔️ 2 Goblin Point per minute while logged in

✔️ 3 ID Connections per Machine ( 3 game windows max)

✔️ New Class Illusion Knigh!

✔️ New ELF Rework!

★| Server Version: Season S18 
★| Version: IGCN Premium Files
★| Dedicated server: 3 Dedicated premium servers
★| Server Location: Europe - France
★| Custom Xshop: NO OP items NO wings NO pentagrams.

★| Balance: True PvP and PvE Balance + a lot of changes since x50

Check ALL classes damage video: CLICK

Guide with PvP Skills and Formula available on the website.

★| Max Normal Level: 400

★| Max Master/Majestic Level: 1050

★| Max Stats (str/agi/vit/ene): 32.050

★| Max Points to add  : 160.000

★| Exp Normal: 500x 

★| Drop: 20 %
★| Jewel of Soul: 55 % + (25 % Luck)
★| Jewel of Life: 55%
★| Max lvl item: +15+16

★| Reset:  /reset 400 lvl in game ! Maximum 999 Resets!

More resets = Rewards for every 50 Resets!!
Check here: 
Reset Progression (

★| Reset price: 1k zen x resets Stat Clear: YES

★|  Points per reset: 1000

(Check guides for more info)

★| Grand Reset: NO - progressive resets instead

★| Spots and Hot spots on all maps

★| Offtrade: Enabled (Devias)  use /offtrade

★| Mu Helper activation min. level: 1 lvl
★| Ancient+Exe Option: yes
★| Socket+Exe Option: No (Sockets changed)
★| Harmony Renewal system boosted
★| Guild: 300 lvl

★| Custom Jewels: Yes ( Excellent, Skill, Luck, Socket ) - From events/Bosses (check full drop list / Boss guide)

★| Guardian Pets - Ghost Horse, Ice Dragon, Pierce progression and options reworked!

Check options here: Mounts Progression (

★| Nice Castle Siege / Arca War Rewards
★| Rewarding Events and Boss fights
★| PVE Content boosted



We have posted a PVP Guide and other useful information in the guide selection so make sure to check them out if you want to be fully prepared.

Additionally, we recommend everyone to watch our starter video where we explain some basic things: If you are looking for a specific item such as a feather or condor flame, you will most likely find it on our

Drop Database: Else you can find all drop info in the guide selection! For those who haven't yet decided what class to play, we offer various intro videos for each class on our homepage! You can preview each class there!

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